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In A Shocking Turn Of Events Kids Are Using E – Cigs To Smoke Weed


e cig

SourceUSA Today reports that about 27 percent of high school teens have reportedly used e-cigarette devices to help them “vape” liquid nicotine and cannabis. The study, which was conducted in Yale University, has discovered that most of these users are males and younger students.

Meghan Rabitt Morean, one of the co-authors of the study and an assistant professor at Oberlin College, explains that teens are resourceful and vaporizers can provide the perfect hiding place for the substances they inhale or use.

She adds that as almost everybody know how marijuana smells, it is unlikely to be used just about anywhere or by anyone. However, cannabis in vapor form is entirely different, thus giving kids nowadays the best way to conceal what they are doing without being apprehended or caught.



Fuckin’ kids these days, they have no idea how easy they have it. When I was a teenager we were making pipes out of apples and a piece of the screen door, getting high way out in the woods to hide the smell, and then sneaking into the shed to peek at the Playboy magazine under the table saw in order to rub one out. It was an all day affair, we were lucky to get back in time for dinner.

Nowadays these little pricks just put weed in the E Cig they bought at 7 11, smoke right in their bedrooms because it doesn’t even smell, flip open their laptop, rub one out to HD porn, head down to breakfast, and still have 23.5 hours left in their day.

I feel like we should start teaching some of those old rudimentary teenager skills in workshops around the country. What happens if someone sets off an apocalyptic electro pulse bomb? There will be an entire generation of kids with no way to get high and jerk off. It’s like farming, or canoe building, technological advancements are great, but we can’t completely lose touch with our past.

This is our cross to bear as adults and forefathers. So do your part and teach a kid about a 2 liter gravity bong and give him a Victoria’s Secret catalog or two. Let’s all help connect a generation with its past by showing a few teenagers the joy and fulfillment that only comes with getting stoned and rubbing one out manually.




- Blog from Hippie at Dankmind  (pretty good weed blog if that’s your bag)