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I Don't Know What Is Going On In This Vine But I Know I Want It To Stop



And this is how we’ll wrap up our Wednesday.  With some crazy lady in a lion costume dancing like a maniac.  I gotta tell ya, I’m uncomfortable after watching that.  Almost like that Vine is just the preview of something even weirder to come.  Like we haven’t seen the last of lion lady when I hope and prey (if you thought I was gonna go this entire blog about a chick dressed as a lion without a pun you’re outside your skull) that we have. That whole thing feels like the product of too much time, too much weed and too much internet.  Each of those things is usually good individually but combine them all together and some weird shit can happen.  Case and point is that vine.  Which will undoubtedly be played on repeat in my dreams as soon as I close my eyes tonight.  So that’ll be fun.