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Lawyer Of Patrick Kane's Accuser Holds Press Conference To Reveal That Rape Kit Evidence Bag Was Tampered With

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This seems very significant. A rape kit being tampered with in some form or another is just about the worst possible thing you can have happen when trying to bring justice to a rape accusation. I’m going to let smarter people than I explain what exactly is going on and what the next step may be, but using what little brain power I have I will tell you things got a whole lot messier today and further proves why rape cases and rape accusations need to be dealt with very carefully. Anyone who has made up their mind at any point along the way here is in the wrong. We have very few facts and after today’s press conference the few facts we may have could very well have been tampered with. Bad stuff all around, and I’m not talking about a hockey team, that’s the last of the concerns at this point.