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Now We Have High School Hockey Refs Being Attacked By Players Too (This Guy Deserved It)

The year 2015 has not been a very friendly one to referees in high school athletics. First there were those two shitdicks in San Antonio who blindsided a ref during a high school football game. Then there’s this video that just came out from Tennessee of another high school football player intentionally taking out a referee. And then we get to this video right here.

Make no mistake about it, this ref 100% deserved that beat down that was bestowed upon him by the children of the corn right there. I love how everyone on that squad immediately had the kid’s back. As soon as they saw that punch/slap was thrown, they pounced. Actually pretty pissed off that the adults had to jump out onto the ice to break it all up. As soon as the ref hit that kid it should have been game over for him. It should have been both teams vs the refs in a fight to the death. That dickhead was probably calling the game like shit anyway.

Sidenote: There are very few sights that are more visually pleasing (besides a naked woman, of course) than a rink right after a line brawl that has sticks and gloves and helmets scattered all over the place like a yard sale. Don’t know what it is about it but it’s beautiful.

Update: Just found out this is from a couple months ago but the video just surfaced so that pretty much means it’s new.