This Is The Most Heads Up Play In The History Of Soccer/Dumbest Goalie In The History Of Soccer




I couldn’t decide whether that was the smartest play ever by the one guy or the dumbest play ever by the goalie so I put both in the title.  And it is both.  Shout out to the quick-thinking dude who jumped right as the goalie was about to throw the ball back into play and caused it to bounce off his skull and into the goal.  As every coach has uttered at one point or another, you can’t teach that.  That’s being a gamer.  That’s instincts.  That’s simply reacting to the situation.  He brings his hard hat and lunch pail each and every day.  Bet the guy didn’t even know what he was doing as he did it. That’s the mark of a great player.  As far as the goalie goes, he shouldn’t be allowed to step foot on a soccer field ever again.  It’s that simple.  Ban him for life. I might even go as far to say that he purposely did that and should be thrown in jail for throwing the game.  That would at least be a more reasonable explanation than him accidentally throwing the ball off a guy’s head and into his goal.