MailTime Featuring The Il Papa - Pope Francis

Got a chance to sit down with Pope Frankie before he embarked on his United States visit. We talked about how badly he fucked over the Jews by scheduling his tour at the same exact time as Yom Kippur, how the Jews will never be taken seriously until there’s a Jew-Pope as their leader, how the yarmulke was double stolen from the Christians, and all things Il Pa-Pa. We also discussed how only true pimps roll in Fiats, how he should just completely cancel his Philly leg of this trip, and I give him some tips for how he should have made his entrance when he got off the plane. Really just a terrible arrival if you ask me. But I’m just grateful the Pope took a little but of time out of his busy schedule here in America.

We also discuss the top 10 things that the dude in the 11 year coma missed. From Tiger to Tinder, the top things you’d miss if you were technically dead from 2004 to 2015. Whether or not you’d even rather wake up after being in a coma for 11 years is the real question.

I chronicle my first hospital tour as an expecting father. That went about as well as you think it did.

And of course One Minute Man where I bargain with Trump for his vote, talk about how sweatpants may be the single most important creation ever, the Mets and more.

Its 70 minutes of Mailtime today. Plug in, Juice up.

(Also, for your viewing pleasure, Pope JPII tacking hacks in the batting cage back in 1986: