Barstool Giants-Cowboys Revenge Week Tailgate Now On Sale

A couple weeks back was our Jets NFL Kickoff Tailgate and Giants fans were clamoring for a pregame extravaganza of their own. And taking a look at the schedule, theres no better time for you guys than Round 2 with “America’s Team.” Its honestly the perfect storm for a Gmen tailgate:

10/25 – when the weather is crisp and cool but not cold and painful

4:25pm start – dont need to wake up at the ass crack off down to get to the stadium to tailgate

Revenge Week vs the Cowboys – Nobody is running away with the NFC East any time soon. And in about 4 or 5 weeks when this game rolls around both teams are very much going to be in the hunt for this division. A Tony Romo-less, Dez Bryant-less Cowboys squad should be the perfect chance for Giants Revenge at Metlife.

Our first tailgate was a huge success. So this time we’re just running it back, but bigger and better with everything. We upped the menu to include new food, and we upped the beer to make sure there’s plenty flowing up until its time to head into the stadium. Tailgate Joe will be hosting again, and this time with his full state of the art tailgate truck which will have all the 1pm games airing on flat screen TVs in hi def. So you wont miss a minute of action on Sunday. Details here:

Price: $65

Time: 12:25pm – 4:25pm

Food: Cheeseburgers, we serve 6oz Pat Lafrieda fresh ground blend of chuck/brisket/short rib

Sabrett’s hot dogs, served with red onion sauce, kraut, relish

Mom’s meatball sliders, homemade, what we grew up eating on Sundays

Sausage and peppers, we use Esposito’s, the best pork store in NYC. Served whole links with sandwich rolls.

Home made macaroni salad, Mom’s recipe

Various snacks (assorted individual bags chips, crackerjacks, cookies etc)

Desserts and fresh filled cannolis

Beer: Microbrew – Kelso of Brooklyn, serving their pilsner and Belgian Ale.

Regular lite beer

*Last time we kicked the kegs about a half hour earlier than anticipated. Stoolies came out to drink. This time we have upped the number of kegs to make sure that doesnt happen.*

Extras: Live DJ, beer pong tables, flip cup tables, TVs airing the early games

Plain and simple its going to be one of the best days of the year for a Giants tailgate. The time of year, time of day, the opponent, the food, the beer, the price, the entertainment. Shaping up to be the best possible tailgate of the year.*



*Except of course for the nun tailgate for the Pope