NCAA Will Strip 1 Year Of Eligibility From Anyone That Plays DraftKings

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Good on the NCAA finally taking a stand on the destructive Daily Fantasy industry that’s taking over sports. Gambling, skill games, whatever it is, college football is NOT HAVING IT. Just want to flip on the Worldwide Leader for their expert analysis, their breakdowns of the X’s and O’s, the ins and outs of the game we all love.

*Grabs the remote, puts on ESPN*

College GameDay, yes, I love this show! Right in time for my favorite part, when the guy off-camera spends 25 minutes talking to Rece Davis and Kirk Herbstreit about these weird numbers with plusses and minuses next to them.

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Alright he’s off, now it’s time to look at what awesome games we have on tap for the day.

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Oh hold on they just went to a DraftKings commercial…now it’s a FanDuel commercial…hey look at how big that check is…ok we’re back, oops nope this is the DraftKings Picks of the Day segment brought to you by DraftKings sponsored by DraftKings…Cardale Jones for $9.2K, Derrick Henry for $8.6K ok ok got it penciled in to my lineup…oh look Adam Schefter just tweeted his lineup out and Matthew Berry published another editorial on his favorite DFS site, nice…alright finally time for the analysis part, let’s do this annnnnnnnd break for another DraftKings commercial.

Ok FINALLY the game is on, time to kick back and watch these amateur student-athletes play for the love of the game…wait what’s that?

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Too funny. Hey NCAA get over it man. If you’re going to be so uptight about a legal skill game maybe try and tone down the hypocrisy of gearing your entire platform around gambling. What do you think, a player is going to win himself $1 million dollars by purposely throwing 3 interceptions…and costing himself 3 points…on a fantasy team full of 10 players…in a tournament with 400,000 people in it…

DraftKings rules, the NCAA sucks. The end.