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Parents Are Worried How Their Dog Will React When They Bring A Baby Home, The Two Become Instant Best Friends

Video description


My wife and I were worried about how the dog would react to a baby, so we kept them apart for a few months. This is when they get introduced to each other.



MONTHS?!  They kept those two apart for months?  That doesn’t even make sense.  I would be a lot more angry at these parents for doing that if the video wasn’t so fucking adorable.  I melted like butter in the microwave.  Months though?!  Given all we know about dogs and how awesome they are I’m gonna say it was a pretty safe bet those two were gonna become insta-BFFs the second they met each.  And that’s exactly what happened. Friends forever. You can tell dogs are the most patient and loving animals whenever they’re around kids.  Because kids don’t understand pressure or how to pet a dog.  They come in extra hot with their new flailing hands and basically swat the dog instead of gently petting it.  And dogs don’t even care.  They realize that baby has no idea what to do with it’s hands and it’s not their fault. Dogs FTW.