If Taylor Swift Is Gonna Start Wearing Belly Shirts Then Every Other Pop Star Should Just Retire





Pretty difficult to make a goofy video with a 7 year old drip sex but somehow Taylor just pulled it off. She’s had the girl next door/chick to marry thing down for ages, but if she starts pulling off pure sex appeal? Look out, world! Abs are poppin’, tits are poppin’, jams are obviously poppin’. I guess this is what happens when you start dating a DJ? You start dressing like a bit of a club girl? I don’t hate it. It was the one thing missing from her repertoire so I guess now she’s the most perfect girl ever.




PS – Not sure how many people know but Ryan Adams did a cover of 1989 and I’m pretty sure the entire internet is pretending it’s good just to fuck with me. That album is trash. Taylor Swift’s was perfect. Stop pretending they’re even remotely comparable. Oh you took the best pop album of all time and made it dark and brooding, so cool! Fuck off, idiot.