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The Nats Are Inviting Season Ticket Holders To Swing For The Fences...Hit a HR, Get Your Tickets For Free

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Bog - The Nationals are giving fans who renew or make a deposit on 2016 full, half or partial season ticket plans by Oct. 5 the opportunity to win their seats for free. Hey, that’s neat. All the fans have to do is something Bryce Harper has done 23 times already this season — hit a home run at Nationals Park. One person per ticket plan is eligible to compete in the “Swing for Your Seats” promotion, which will be held on a to-be-determined date during the offseason. On or about Oct. 5, the Nationals will notify the primary account holder for every eligible plan with information about how to register for the event. Fans will stand at home plate and receive up to one swing at up to two pitches from an automatic pitching machine. The Nationals will provide wood bats and batting helmets and they’ll have the final say if there’s any dispute about whether a batted ball clears the fence in fair territory. Anyone who hits a home run will receive the full payment amount of his or her 2016 ticket plan, not to exceed $10,000. A $10,000 credit will be applied toward the cost of the seats for winners with ticket plans that exceed that amount.

Plan holders may designate a proxy to participate in the promotion, but don’t bother trying to track down Adam Dunn, Wily Mo Pena or that second cousin you haven’t talked to in years who pinch-hit a few times in college. Per the contest rules, “Division I collegiate or major, minor or independent league professional baseball players, whether past or present, are not eligible to participate.” Not to discourage any amateur sluggers, but the San Diego Padres held a similar promotion before the 2014 season and none of the 1,000 fans who participated managed to hit a home run.


Not to be Debbie Downer, but this is fucking impossible right? 2 pitches for a normal schlub to hit a HR? They are better off just calling each season ticket holder into an interview to see if they know how to properly put together a lineup, not make your hottest hitter bunt on a 3-1 count, or how to properly utilize the bullpen with the season on the line. Maybe the next Nationals manager will appear, but nobody is hitting a ball to the moon, not even to the clouds. Your proxy could be the Mountain from GoT and he’s not hitting a HR. Maybe a few people would knock some taters if Drew Storen was the pitcher, but nope, it’s a pitching machine. I didn’t mean to Debbie Downer this, because it’s just supposed to be a fun promotion, but I don’t like when my intelligence is insulted. No lousy season ticket holder is hitting a HR on 2 pitches with a wooden bat. And if they did they should sign a deal, not get $10,000 towards season tickets.