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This Asian Guy Got Awfully Aggressive With A Woman On A Bus Because She Bumped Into Him


You don’t go banging into this dude without an earful coming back your way. It took me two or three times listening per thing he said to understand what he was actually communicating but I have to say that I’m somewhat on his side. There’s nothing that annoys me more than being on a train not paying attention and getting bumped around for no particular reason by someone without basic human courtesies. It’s just something about that act of aggression/invasion of personal space combo platter that sets me off (inside, usually not like this guy waving my hand around threatening to slap people like an old interview with The Rock). I’m not sure I’d agree with being sent down that road of anger by a petite little Asian woman — no matter how Korean Fran Drescher-ish in pitch she may be — but I definitely get why he’d get all riled up over it.


That said, has there ever been a more obvious domestic abuser than this guy? If you’re threatening to slap women in the face on a bus because they elbowed you a little, I can only imagine the reaction when dinner’s late or someone at home’s getting a bit mouthy about the lawn not being mowed. You can tell by the reaction of the woman in the red shirt that he seems to be with, this isn’t his first time in a threatening five fingers to the face scenario. She’s got the world weariness of a woman who for decades has been bobbing and weaving like Lil Mac in Punch Out every time they’re out of soy sauce.