Impossible To Come Closer To Dying And Not Actually Die Than This Guy Did



Never has it ever been more apparent that you have zero control on whether you live or die than that video right there. Go ahead, plan out every second of your life if you want to. You still might almost get split in two by a falling pane of glass. Literally half an inch more to the left and he gets cut in half 13 Ghosts-style*. The wind blows a little harder, he loses his balance a little, he nudges just a smidge to the left and his family members are organizing his closed casket funeral as we speak. It came so damn close to splitting his head open I think he might’ve lost a chunk of his ear.  No way he remembers walking away and then coming back when the guy yells at him, right? You know in war movies when a grenade goes off near the main character and he’s disoriented for a few minutes? That’s what I imagine that guy’s state of mind was like.  Ringing in his ears, confusion, stumbling around and just lucky to be alive. Buy a lottery ticket bud.


*if you understand this reference then we shall hug like brothers if we ever meet