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Blue Jays Fan Got Drunk, Took Off His Pants, Fell Asleep Peeing, Ripped A Urinal Off The Wall And Flooded The Concourse Of The Rogers Centre

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Playoff baseball in Canada is within striking distance and the Jays fans are FIRED up. Blue Jays Baseball, catch the fucking fever! Taking pantsless pisses and ripping urinals off the wall. Flooding concourses after probably drinking like a thousand Molson Ices. If they win the division the Rogers Centre might not even be standing for the ALDS. Crazy ass hockey fans watching baseball might end up burning the whole thing to the ground with all their excitement. I mean act like you’ve been there before, Blue Jays fans. Dont run around taking your pants off a baseball games. Just stay even keeled, level headed, and dont get too emotional. Dont get too high with the highs or low with the lows. Just go to the stadium and watch games like a normal person


Stay confident that your lead is perfectly safe and just get ready for the playoffs guys.

For real though I dont understand how you fall asleep drunk and end up ripping a urinal out of a wall. Unless The Hulk was pissing in the Rogers Centre this whole scene confuses the shit out of me. But thats what happens when you leave America I guess. Nothing makes sense. Have fun up there this week, Yankees. Walking into a goddam Canadian warzone. If they are herding people together in holding pens in September because of drunk pissing mishaps just imagine what October will be like.