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Time To Pick Your Favorite Assault From This Classy NFL Fan Brawl Outside A Buffalo Wild Wings

Fbook – Niner fans starting shit, get rocked outside B-Dubs in Downey (sore losers). The guys getting beat up started problems inside. They wanted to beat up a Steelers. The Steelers fan walked away. The rude 49er fans started talking shit to everyone. They messed with the wrong group when they went outside and got beat up. The Guy in in red at :09 second was the one that started everything

The Bay Area strikes again! Holy haymakers, sucker punches and boots. You mean to tell these fat pieces of tatted up trash are responsible for a Royal Rumble outside of a BWW? Color me shocked. I guess if you ever find yourself watching your team lose in Jorts at the most overrate place in the world you wouldn’t exactly have a lot to lose, either. A felony just may be worth punting another grown man’s head into orbit while he’s down for the count. That walking wife beater doing the kicking understands there’s no other way he’s getting 3 hot meals a day unless he’s locked up.