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Urban Meyer's Wife Pissed Off At ESPN After GameDay Sign Says He Faked A Heart Attack And Went To The B1G

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And the hits keep coming! Have a weekend ESPN! Promoting rape culture with “No Chill” Ole Miss guy…

…offending the wife of one of the most powerful coaches in college football. What’s next? You guys gonna run through a pet adoption center and kick every puppy in sight? Burn an orphanage down? Who knows, who knows what will happen next Saturday morning when I put GameDay on, probably have Rece Davis and Corso riding around the stage on horses putting deer antler crowns on young girls’ heads in some perverted ritual, True Detective style.

Man this is nice to be on the other side of things for once – welcome to the Bad Boy Life ESPN, seriously. Where every harmless thing you do and joke you make gets taken and run with by the social media and blog outrage machine. I mean Ole Miss girls are easier than their out of conference schedule. Urban Meyer faked a heart attack and went to the Big 10. All true things and you’re getting blasted for just retweeting signs you didn’t even make. Sucks for you, but love to see you taking all the hits for it and Shelley Meyer kicking your ass over it.

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Never forget –

Freep - Urban Meyer says he’s “in a good place right now.” And he says it’s not Columbus, despite all the rumors that it’s all but a done deal he’ll be the next Ohio State coach. Then again, the Florida coach-turned-ESPN analyst left the door open to the possibility to a couple media outlets Monday. “I feel good, and I’m enjoying what I am doing,” Meyer told “If an opportunity like that did come along, I would consider it only because it is home. “If something happens at Ohio State, then I would have a decision to make.” Meyer is an Ohio native, attended the University of Cincinnati and was an OSU grad assistant. Decision made? According to, Meyer has agreed in principle to become the next Buckeyes head coach. According to’s unnamed sources, the deal is worth $40 million for seven years.

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