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Redskins Dominate, Humiliate, Obliterate The Rams

Screen Shot 2015-09-20 at 3.55.03 PM

Suck it Jeff Fisher! Suck it! What an easy win. Just dominated the Rams scrub ass team from opening kickoff to sundown. Matt Jones! Whoooo? Matt Jones! 19 carries, 123 yards, 2 TDs for the rookie out of Florida. Was running all over the Rams. Power, speed, the whole package. Cousins threw it accurately all day, 23 for 27, no INTs and the Redskins D showed up ready to play and made Nick Foles and Tre Mason look like idiots all day. Just embarrassed the Rams. Gave Fisher the double freedom fingers and used an all around team effort to send the Rams back to that dump of a city. HTTR.