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New Game: Why Did This Fully Geared Up Ankeny SWAT Team Kick In The Doors Of This House And Raid It?

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Your options are:

A. A drug king pin with 300 pounds of cocaine, a full artillery of automatic weapons in his basement and a thirst for police officer blood lived there.

B. A person who might’ve stole somebody’s credit card lived there.

C. A smut blogger who had a 19 year old superstar teen sensation tied up in his office and naked pictures of the son of a three-time Super Bowl champion quarterback in his possession lived there.

Answer:  B.

Alright so maybe the force they used was a tad excessive for the potential charge against this person but on the flip side I sort of love this move from the Ankeny SWAT team.  I mean, come on.  How often does the Ankeny SWAT Team really get to break out the big toys and kick in somebody’s door like they’re LL Cool J and Colin Farrell?  Never, right?  This might surprise you but Ankeny, Iowa isn’t exactly a hotbed for big time criminal activities so opportunities like this are few and far between.  You’re not breaking out the hardcore gear every other week.  That’d be like having a Ferrari and just letting it sit in the garage.  That’s no fun.  You have to take that baby out every once in awhile, let the world know you have a fucking Ferrari and maybe pick up a chick that’s outta your league.  Same goes with SWAT equipment.  Why have riot shields and huge rifles if they’re just going to sit in a locker at the police station?  You gotta break those bad boys out and use them from time to time.

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