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I Wasn't Worried About This Bills Game Till I Saw The Green Hornet Dancing At A Bills Mafia Pep Rally



Ok I admit it. At first I was like what losers these people are. Do they not realize that we do this same routine every single year? Do they not realize Tom Brady is 23-3 against Buffalo? I was getting ready to make fun of Bills fans for getting their hopes and dreams up every single year in September only to have the Deathstar roll into Old Orchard Park and blow them all up? But then the guy in green started dancing and my throat started to get dry and my palms started sweating. I’d be lying if he hasn’t made me slightly nervous. Maybe this year will be different after all?

PS – The “Let’s Go Buffalo” song they sing is so Bills Mafia it hurts. I mean that in a good way. It is a city and a team that is permanently stuck in the 90’s.  This song will be blaring from the speakers with everybody in a jolly good mood right until kickoff when this song drowns it out.