People Nurse A Bird Back To Health, Release It, Bird Instantly Smacks Into A Window



Sometimes you just have to let nature be. Live and let die as they say.  That bird clearly isn’t cut out for this world.  Stop giving him chances.  You’re only going to poison the DNA strain of birds everywhere. The part of that bird’s bird’s brain that tells it to fly into windows needs to die out.  All birds will be better off.  On the flip side, pretty cruel of the humans to release the bird anywhere close to a mirrored window.  That’s not even fair.  Might as well snap it’s neck yourself.  Have you ever put a dog in front of a mirrored window?  They lose their goddamn shit like it’s the coolest thing.  Probbaly because they’re like, “Hey! A friend! A friend who looks just like me!  I’m gonna ram my face into it.”  I’m assuming birds have a similar reaction.  Also, these people need to do less.  Who has the time to nurse a baby bird back to health?  Spend your days watching Netflix and refreshing Twitter like a normal person.