Von Miller Calling Travis Kelce A "Fake Gronk Head Ass" Is Absolutely Fantastic





It’s one thing to lose to a dead Peyton Manning in an NFL game, it’s another thing entirely to get buried yourself in the post game. “Fake Gronk head ass” is about as ruthless as it gets, because whites don’t even really know what it means. I’ve heard it a time or two, seen it on twitter a few more, but I have no clue what a headass is. It’s not something you ever want to be, I can guarantee you that, but I fuck if I know the definition.


This is why I get jealous of black people. Sure, we white people have a leg up in some situations. Not too many, but I guess a couple. However, black people have the best goddamn insults. Like calling a white guy a fake different white guy then adding “headass” really isn’t that funny, but read that tweet in your racist joke black voice and it’s hysterical. Not really fair if you ask me.


Editors Note: I hope this is the new trend in the NFL.  Anytime somebody beats somebody they just call them fake Patriots.  Like you think you’re the best but you’re not.