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The High School Football Player Who Beat The Shit Out Of That Ref Has An A+ Haircut

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SN – Michael Moreno and Victor Rojas, the two Texas high school football players who heinously targeted a referee during a game, appeared on “Good Morning America”. Both said they were acting under the direct orders of a coach, who instructed them to go after an official. “You need to hit him,” said Michael Moreno, giving his account of John Jay High School assistant Mack Breed’s words Friday on “Good Morning America”. “He pulled me and another player and told us, ‘You need to hit the ref. He needs to pay the price’.” Breed, who played collegiately at Missouri, has since been placed on administrative leave. Moreno said the vicious hit was retribution for making racial slurs he heard the referee direct toward teammates and “unjustified” calls, claims the official has denied. “He told one of my Hispanic friends,” Rojas said. “He told him, ‘Speak English. This is America.’ To an African-American, he told him the N-word.” Added Moreno: “You can’t just do that because of something you were told, and I’m ready to face my consequences. I am greatly sorry for this, and I regret it greatly, and I just hope that people can change their minds about us, and, you know, lighten up our consequences.” 

Blah blah blah the ref was racist, blah blah blah the coach told him to do it…toss all that out the window. Because this dude has the most vicious haircut I’ve ever seen. Kid went on television to explain himself nearly killing the ref and went with 5th gradebowl cut in the front, Kid Rock concert in the back. Mullet so fresh Joe Dirt would blush.

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If I’m the football team I want this kid back ASAP. Anyone who goes on TV with that cut is a maniac and a guy I want on my side of the ball. Just puts the fear of god into his opponents, Shawn Oakman style. Yea, he will 100% kill a human being before it’s all said and done, but can’t worry about that. Kid should be back on the field laying the lumber, front of his hair looking like it’s ready to take a class picture with lasers in the background, back of hair looking like it’s ready to listen to Poison and make some bathtub moonshine.

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PS: This kid can eat shit. Is he a football player or getting ready for fashion week? FOH.

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