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Barstool Week Two Fantasy Football Podcast With @BalesFootball Is LIVE

BOOM! And there you have it. Week 2 with FF Guru Jonathan Bales is in the books and we’re ready to dance. If you have any last min fantasy questions at all please don’t hesitate to contact the masters and his mush @BalesFootball and @SmittyBarstool. Let’s get after it this season, fellow degenerates. Also, give Bales’ own a look. Any help is good help.

Also, remember to email Godfatherlocks them right now and mention BARSTOOL for your Free 5star lock. That’s and @godfatherlocks on Twitter for the latest and greatest locks.

All season myself and Bales will be giving our top 3 picks for each week against the spread to compare ourselves to the Godfather and the Stoolies. Let’s see who really deserves to dance with the devil by the pale moon light:

@BalesFootball (3-0 overall) – Vikings -3, Titans -1, Rams -3

@SmittyBarstool (1-2 overall) – Eagles -3, Saints -9.5, Colts -6.5

Godfather Locks also has a weekly action show called The Edge that is well worth checking out for you degenerates out there (all of you).