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Dog Gets Caught Red-Handed Chewing Up Paper Towels, Tries To Silence The Witness



That little guy had no other choice.  He was caught.  Kill or be killed. Normally I wouldn’t support this type of behavior from dogs but I can’t blame a guy whose back is pushed up against a wall.  Heat of the moment.  He knew he was in big trouble.  That dog has probably been told a thousand times not to chew on paper towels so he can’t use the Dave Chappelle “I didn’t know I couldn’t do that” excuse.  That long pause between getting caught and going on the attack says it all.  So many thoughts running through that pup’s head at that moment.  Run?  Hide? Cuddle?  Pretend to be dead?  Kill?  There’s few things dogs love more than chewing on paper, puppies especially.  You can tell them 10,o00 times not to chew on paper and as soon as you’re out the door their heads are rummaging in the garbage can.  The craving is apparently too much to ignore.   There’s an old saying in the mafia and it goes like this, “No body, no crime.” That was the dog’s only way out.