Nine Cops Arresting A Crying Teenage Boy For Jaywalking Is Not A Great Look For Cops


Raw Story – Nine police California officers arrested a black teenager and slammed him onto concrete while apparently arresting him for jaywalking.

Witnesses said a Stockton police officer ordered the teenager to sit down, but the teen instead continued walking toward a waiting bus, reported RT.

The officer grabbed the teen’s arm in attempt to stop him and then pulled out his baton after the teen “took off the cop’s hand off his arm.”


Rough look here for the cops as half of them piled up on this scrawny teenage kid like the army of Agent Smiths going after Neo in The Matrix. And it sucks because it’s one of those situations that looks so bad that people won’t be able to see any of the shades of grey here. The cop pinning the kid down and jacking him in the jaw was unnecessary, as was calling for a basketball team worth of cop backups for a kid who didn’t wait for a little walking man light and the second cop coming in, seeing a crying teenager, and going “Yeah time to bust out my arm drag takedown” to throw him to the concrete. But the kid did resist arrest and wasn’t doing what the cop asked so, yeah, it’s shitty, but you’ve just got to listen to cops no matter how much of an asshole they are.


The only saving grace here for the Stockton police is that they have a hell of a diverse squad of guys. I spotted the first half-Asian cop, a black dude, a Latino or two, some fat necked white guys, a veritable college diversity pamphlet of police saving the people from the menace that is ethnic youths crossing streets that beg not to be crossed. That might not be enough to stop the shouting narrator of the video but it should get them a half-off discount on the damage from the riots to come.