DraftKings NFL Week 2 Contest Isn't Messing Around - 10 Million Dollars Guaranteed, 2 Million For First Place

DraftKings, maybe you’ve heard of them? Little daily fantasy sports site on the come up. Wish I could have some stock in them because they are going to be huge. And wouldn’t you know it, they are giving away 10 million dollars for NFL week 2. That’s right, 10 million dollars, with 2 million for first place and 1 million for 2nd. And here’s a little inside secret for you: There’s going to be overlay, meaning there won’t be enough entries to hit the 10 million dollar guarantee. So not only will DK have to reach into their own pockets to cover the rest of the money, but you have a better chance of cashing in the contest. Absolute no-brainer to sign up this week.