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Jeb Bush Has Done A Grave Disservice To Slightly Above Average Height People Who Step On Their Tippy Toes For Pictures


What the fuck is this shit about? Jeb Bush is 6’3! He’s the tallest candidate in the debate. What is this tippy toe shit? Listen everybody knows I’m a tippy toes in pictures guy. I’ve never run from that. I’ve never hid from that. I’ve embraced that. If a tall person asks me for a picture I’m not gonna let myself get embarrassed in broad daylight. I’m going on my tippy toes 100% of time. I tell the person I’m doing it too. It’s just to make the picture look better for everybody’s sake. Everything is on the up and up. If the person is around my height I play it straight. But to go tippy toes when you’re already the tallest person? DIABOLICAL. That just screams insecurity to me and is slap in the fact to slightly above average height guys like me who need to go tippy toes sometimes. Seriously if Jeb Bush pulled this Harry Houdini shit on me I’d dive at his legs so fast it would make your head spin. Snap his ACL and MCL. Tall people aren’t allowed to go tippy toes. It throws off the entire status quo. What am I supposed to start carrying a little step stool everywhere I go to combat tall people going on tippy toes? I can’t live that way. I won’t live that way. Hey Jeb you just made a very powerful and moderately tall enemy. Hope you’re happy.