Contestant Gets Trebek To Say "Turd Ferguson" On Her Final Jeopardy Answer

Bravo Talia. Bra-fucking-vo. The only way this could have been better is if she wagered “Boobs” instead of 600 dollars.

But of course Trebek didnt even miss a beat because hes a goddam savage like that. Maybe that novice Sajak would laugh it up. Maybe he would chuckle and be like “Oh ha ha, I get it. Like the SNL skit about me.” Only think is that chump Sajak is so insignificant they would never even bother with a skit about him. And Trebek is the consummate professional who never lets anybody see him vulnerable.

So congrats Talia. You got the world to laugh but you didnt even touch Trebek. Didnt even put a dent in his armor. I’m surprised he didnt call you stupid and say you look like Artemis from Always Sunny and put your out of your Jeopardy misery like a boss. Consider yourself lucky.