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A Czech Club That Installed a Raised Toilet Specifically For Puking Is Genius

Screen Shot 2015-09-17 at 9.35.45 AM

Independent - When you’ve drunk so much that your body immediately needs to expunge the poison from your body, it’s often with a sense of ‘I deserved this’ that you kneel before the porcelain alter on its grotesque, sticky floor. But it needn’t be that way, a night club in the Czech Republic has installed a standing toilet designed as a vomiting basin – complete with hand rails to keep you steady. A handy poster on the wall explains how to use it, and a lever just visible in the photo allows it to be flushed post-barf. Well done, human race! The photo was uploaded to Reddit by Czech gamer Vladimír Kincl, who described the toilet in Club Kotelna, Prague as “awesome”.


Edison. Einstein. Whoever invented this. Round of applause. Standing ovation. This raised vomit toilet should be installed in every bathroom in every college town ASAP. Nobody likes going into the bathroom and seeing puke all over the floor and all up in the sink. But it’s inevitable. Sometimes you just need to let a good puke fly before getting back out there and tackling more $2 rails. So the puking toilet is a genius invention. Yes, there is the 110% chance someone will try to poop in it each and every night. Thems the breaks. Just have to hope the bathroom ecosystem takes care of itself and those who try and poop in the puke toilet are knocked out and dragged away so those who need to vomit up the 5 Fireball shots they just took in 3 minutes can take care of business without having to worry about a turd in their face. A+ innovation from this Czech club. Plus, now if I’m ever over there, I need to get so shit faced at this club so I can use it. So it’s amazing promotion and marketing from them too.