There Will Now Be 3 Starbucks Within a Block Of Each Other In Rosslyn

Screen Shot 2015-09-16 at 4.46.30 PM

WTOP – The coffee shop will be located inside the store, at 1500 Wilson Blvd, which is expected to open next month. A quick peek inside the glass doors yesterday revealed that much of the familiar Target interior is already complete, with workers continuing to work on fixtures like security cameras. Curiously, this will be the third Starbucks location within a one block radius. Shoppers sipping their latte from the store will be able to look out the big glass windows and see two Starbucks across the street, one inside the Safeway (1501 17th Street N.) and the other freestanding (1525 Wilson Blvd). A fourth Rosslyn Starbucks is down the hill on N. Lynn Street, about a quarter mile away.


Want coffee? Well you don’t have a choice. Reminds me of the scene in 40 Year Old Virgin where Steve Carrell can’t stop seeing ads for sex and then the dogs humping each other and no matter where he runs and turns, sex is all up in his face. Same here. Good luck walking down the street in Rosslyn without having to stop for a coffee. You didn’t even think you wanted one and next thing you know caffeine is pouring down your gullet. That’s how Starbucks made it big, they literally put one on every block until they got you addicted to it. The best part of this is there is a 4th Starbucks a quarter mile away. So we’re talking 4 Starbucks within the distance of one lap around a track. So if you’re in the mood for overpriced burnt coffee, you have never been in more luck in your life.

PS: Speaking of Rosslyn, there’s a big beer fest there this weekend. All you can drink beers for 4 hours. You’d be a fool not to good, much better deal than any day at the bar. Drinking outside for cheap is a no-brainer. GO HERE for more info on how to buy tickets.