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Dog Owners Are Pretending To Faint To See If Their Dogs Will Freak Out Over It


These videos are apparently a little viral trend in Japan because I guess you can only watch tentacle porn for so long before questioning the very fabric of every relationship around you, including your pets. And, sadly, there are a lot more Ls for the Japanese dog owners. This dog seems genuinely excited at the prospect of his owner’s death:



This dog is already in New Mexico operating a laundromat under the pseudonym Guillermo Del Perro:



And at the same time, I get it. I love my parents but when I got the chance to go to college as far away as possible from where I grew up, I took it. These dogs want their independence. They want to drink, meet new people, hook up with a chocolate lab or two. They want to get outside of their comfort zone. It’d be nice if it didn’t take my theoretical bloated corpse to get there, but I get where they’re coming from all the same.


At least there are a few good loyal “man’s best friend” types still out there:



He may have thought about it for twenty minutes but the dog came back. As long as he didn’t piss on or hump his owner’s face the second the camera turned off, I’m filing that as a win for dog owners.