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Pats Fans Are In An Uproar Over This Video Of The Colts Ball Boy Acting Very Suspiciously After an Andrew Luck INT





This video is making the rounds like the JFK grassy knoll video.  I actually noticed this in real time.   The Indy ball boy going bananas to get back Luck’s INT.   Ordinarily this would be a nothing video.  Just an overzealous ball boy trying to make sure the Bills didn’t take one of the Colts balls after yet another Andrew Luck INT.   But in light of Deflategate and how central the Colts ball boys are to the investigation it certainly can raise some eyebrows.  Keep in mind that the Patriots have accused the Colts ball boys of tampering with footballs in the past.

From PFT – “Evidence was also provided that Indianapolis ball boys, in a prior season, had been seen by Jacksonville personnel with ball needles hidden under their long sleeves,” Goldberg wrote.


As a reminder it was also the Colts equipment manager was also the one who tipped off the NFL about Deflategate in the first place.


From CNNSE – “It would be great if someone would be able to check the air in the game balls as the game goes on so that they don?t get an illegal advantage,” Colts equipment manager Sean Sullivan wrote in a message sent by G.M. Ryan Grigson to the league office on January 17.


And lastly the Colts ball boys were the ones who complained to the league after the Dqwell Jackson interception.  Originally they lied about it and said it was Jackson who complained but he debunked that myth.  In other words the Colts ball boys have a long and often dubious history dealing with footballs.  It’s under this light we must examine and wonder if there was more to this incident than just a ball boy diving on this football?  Was there a reason he acted like it was evidence in a murder case.  Was he protecting a deflated football?  Was there foul play involved?  Did he stick a needle in it?  Were the Colts up to their usual tricks?  We’ll probably never know, but at this point I wouldn’t put anything past them.  The only thing we know for sure is the Colts can’t beat teams inbetween the white lines so the equipment managers have taken it upon themselves to try and level the playing field.