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Old Guy On His 98th Birthday Does The Popular Whip Whip And Mayonnaise Dance



98 years old and still killing it.  Lock up your wives and daughters.  Poppa Bear (I have no proof that people call him Poppa Bear but I know people call him Poppa Bear) whippin and mayonaising right into your girl’s pants. He’s the whole package.  Backwards snap back?  Check.  Swag through the clouds?  Check.  Fire flames dance moves?  Check.  Correct lyrics?  No but who gives a shit.  The guy is 98 years old.  At a certain point you just gotta stop correcting old people and let them do their thing. By the time you’re done explaining it to him he might be in a box.  What the fuck does he care if it’s “nae nae” or “mayonnaise”?  Exactly.  He doesn’t.  He just wants to eat cake and party. I’m amazed at how nimble he is at 98.  98!  That’s older than dirt and he’s up-to-date with all the hot new dance moves. Keep on keepin on, Poppa Bear.