Classic Cowboys Fan Seems Like He's Got A Lot Going For Him

Ok, I don’t know if this is real or not, but you can’t fake that kind of inbred look without either adding or subtracting a chromosome. And if he is special, I apologize in advance, but anyone who knows how to operate a green screen is smart enough to not be immune to ridicule. I can’t even work a green screen for Christ’s sake. But that one chomper would make Gummy Joe beg for mercy. I would also assume he counted back way too far over the Quincy Carter and Chan Gailey dynasty days, but you can’t blame him for not knowing how numbers work. He can still count to potato even without his special abacus. Can’t wait for these things to Rascal back to their shanty’s come Sunday after the Eagles hand it to their ‘Boys. -5.5 without Dez? BOOK IT.

This guy vs. EDP in a Diabetic Olympics would be one hell of a watch.

PS – Bonus one tooth reference: The greatness that is Dave Attell (skip to 6:00). Hilarious.