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Pacman Jones "Can't Promise" He Won't Keep Bashing Heads Off Of Helmets


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Gotta love this honesty from Pacman. Can I promise I won’t continue to try and crack skulls open like I’m marooned on an island trying to get the milk from a coconut? No, I can’t promise that. You may not like what he has to say, but you must respect it. It’s like a boyfriend who got caught cheating and his girl is making him say he won’t do it again if he wants to stay with her and he’s like, listen I know what the right answer is here, but I really can’t make any promises. You never know what’s gonna happen out there. Maybe one day a smoke will throw herself at you and maybe one day there will be a perfect opportunity to make a “football play” and leave an opponent’s brain matter all over the field, there’s just no way of knowing. It’s a violent sport and Pac is an emotional guy, one day he might feel the urge to go The Mountain all over someone’s ass again. You can’t make him guarantee he won’t. That’s not fair. If it comes to that he’ll get that bill for 35 racks and deal with it then.