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Video Of The Dude From The League Lying About 9/11

Im not trying to beat a dead horse here. Its not like I lost someone in 9/11 and I am personally offended. But this dude is just such a cocksucker about it. I started the video at 1:35 when he starts to tell the story. But prior to that he’s carrying his baby and kissing his girlfriend and being all sweet and sentimental and then its like, flip the switch, let me start lying about that day that thousands and thousands of people died. Its fucking demented man. And his wife is just sitting there letting him go on and on. Unless I guess she was duped too. And the big finale is how it inspired him to go pursue his dream and do what he wanted.

Hey asshole, 9/11 and countless other tragedies inspire people all the time, but you dont have to lie like a fucking psycho about it. Those things made a lot of people say “Wow life is precious I should focus on what really matters.” They didnt have to say they were on the 54th floor of the South Tower. Again I dont wanna harp on it too much but see it in action and hearing him tell it made you realize this dude is probably a little sick in the head to rattle off this completely fabricated story