Our First Ever Mailtime Mailbox Competition - Vote Now

Its everyone’s favorite monthly installment where we take emails from the deranged brains of Mailtime listeners. Before we jumped into the emails, we talked about how much exercising SUCKS, drinking bougie drinks at fancy bars, black people not drinking coffee, Jadakiss and Styles P having their own podcast, and our Jets tailgate. But these episodes are all about the listener submissions. This is the first episode we’re instituting a new policy. Funniest/best submission gets a free t shirt of their choice. So we’re gonna do this by popular vote and decide which was the best. A brief synopsis of each email:

1) The guy who jerked off right before his wife wanted sex

2) Do you wonder about old women and how many people they’ve fucked?

3) Boobs or Dogs?

4) Jewish dude saying he hates Jews just to get laid

5) Guy with Asthma who shit himself in Walgreens

6) Dude who’s buddy is probably most definitely fucking his 60 year old male accounting professor

7) The dude who came up with all the tricks to get his girlfriend to lose weight

8) Conor who made me realize my life is over

9) Sex with one ethnicity, in one position

Personally, the one about old women who used to be young whores is the funniest to me. But the guy who was in Walgreens probably deserves the free t shirt the most? The weight loss plan was diabolical. The dude secretly banging his professor is unreal. Theres a lot of good ones.

Tweet at me @KFCBarstool or @BrendanClancy with who you think should be this month’s winner.