The Mountain From Game Of Thrones Gets Dominated In Arm Wrestling By A Dude Half His Size



Where the fuck was that guy at during the Trial By Combat episode of Game of Thrones?  Things would have turned out a whole hell of a lot different in Westeros if he had showed up to fight the The Mountain instead of that other guy.  Anyway, bad look for The Mountain there. I know arm wrestling diehards (and there are a ton of them) will say shit like, “Strength doesn’t really matter” and “It’s all about form” blah blah blah.  Shut the fuck up.  A 400-pound all-muscle dude nicknamed The Mountain shouldn’t lose an arm wrestling match to anyone in the world.  Period.  I watched that dude on the left pop a dude’s head like a pimple.  He shouldn’t be losing an arm wrestling match to a guy who weighs less than I do.  His biceps are bigger than my legs. In The Mountain’s defense, since when can you lean like that in an arm wrestling match?  Is that legal? It shouldn’t be.  I feel like if The Mountain had started leaning like that other guy was he would’ve blew out the other guy’s arm and been charged with a crime.