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If The Bucks Don't Hire This Old Guy Trying To Do A Full Split At Cheerleading Tryouts They Might As Well Not Even Have A Season


h/t @JustingTGee 


I don’t think I have ever respected a person more than I respect this guy. I mean has anyone out there ever been able to do a split? Not once in my life have I been able to do this move, not even close. I think back when I was 18 I could still touch my toes but that was the height of my flexibility. So for this guy to think that today was the day, 60 some odd years old and it would finally happen, he would finally nail the jumping split move he sees the Cheerleaders always do? God bless him. I mean that in the most genuine way possible. People who have irrational self confidence like this will always get my support. Because the only way you’ll definitively know that you can’t do a jumping split at age 65 is if you don’t try.





Sometimes you have to say fuck it and go for that move you’ve always dreamt of doing. No one understand that more than I do.