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Weekly Eagles Podcast - There Is NO WAY Chip Kelly Should Have Went For It 4th And 1, Do Or Die Dallas Week


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4th and 1. Down by 2. 2:30 left. 44 yard FG with a Pro-Bowl kicker. This is real life, not Madden. You take the lead when you have the opportunity and leave it in the hands of your D…WHICH STOPPED MATT RYAN ANYWAY AND GAVE THEM THE CHANCE TO WIN THE GAME. One of the things I absolutely HATE about Philly, its media and its fans is that hindsight rules all. Can you imagine the outrage if Chip went for it and got stuffed? Holy hell. He might have been run back to the college ranks before the next sunrise. Enough is enough with this. It’s Dallas Week, dammit. We need to come together.

Every Tuesday at 1 during football season I’ll be hopping on with Sean Brace to do a live Eagles/Philly Sports weekly deal while delving into other fun topics. Also have some TV stuff in the works. However all rational thought is on hold during Dallas Week. All mental capacity and physical effort is dedicated towards getting a W.