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Gronk Witnessing A Magic Trick Is One Of The Greatest Things You'll Ever See





You ever play fetch with you dog then one time fake throw it? What her look around for a bit then look at you like, “What the fuck man? How’d you do that?” What’s the face she makes?





That’s it, right there. The head tilt which serves as the international symbol for the Tim the tool man Taylor “WHUH?!” noise. He’s a golden retriever through and through.


I’ll also admit this: I’m just as perplexed by that situation as Gronk is, so there’s a significant chance we have the same IQ. Not too shabby, having the same smarts as a famous celebrity. Bet you guys are all pretty jealous. Only thing that surprised me more than that trick was Gronk having the standard ass ringtone. Would’ve laid heavy money that Party Rock was about to start playing.





PS – If Mat Franco wants a job we got an opening at ball boy.