Cespedes And The Mets Have Statistically Pulled Off The Biggest Offensive Turnaround In National League History

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ESPN – I don’t know about you, but I can’t decide which is more ridiculous — Yoenis Cespedes or that team that now employs him, those New York Mets. You decide. The greatest U-turn in modern history. A mere eight days before the Mets traded for Cespedes — back on July 23, 54 days ago — they started a lineup that seems downright incomprehensible now. Their cleanup hitter was batting .170, with a .565 OPS. That was John Mayberry Jr. Their No. 5 hitter was batting .179, with a .587 OPS. That was Eric Campbell. The Elias Sports Bureau told us that day that it was only the second time in the live-ball era that an actual major league team started No. 4 and No. 5 hitters who both had batting averages that low, after least 100 at-bats. And the only other team to do it — the 1975 Oakland Athletics — did it the day after they clinched first place! So they were barely trying to field a lineup. So “offensive embarrassment” would be a polite way to describe the Mets before they traded for Cespedes moments before the July 31 trading deadline. But since this is a history lesson, the hard facts are these: From April through July, the Mets were the worst offensive team in their league. Last in runs scored. Hitting .234 as a team, with a .662 OPS. Averaging 3.5 runs and 0.9 homers per game. And then they did the greatest legal U-turn of modern times. Since they flipped the calendar to August, the Mets have somehow turned into the best offensive team in their league. First in runs scored. Hitting .275, with an .840 team OPS. Averaging 6.2 runs and 1.7 homers per game. Holy schmoly. So how often has anything like that happened, you ask? Pretty much never. Thanks for your inquiry. According to Elias, if you don’t count strike years, only one other team since 1900 has been last in its league in runs scored from Opening Day through July and then first in runs scored from Aug. 1 on. And that team isn’t exactly a perfect comparison. It was a 1985 Cleveland Indians juggernaut that traded for nobody at the deadline, had no late-season call-ups of note and wound up losing 102 games. But that’s it. So if the Mets keep this up, they’ll be the only National League team in history to score the fewest runs in the league through the end of July and the most from August on. Whaddaya know.

Mets fans are riding high, obviously. And we’re crowning Cespedes the Real MVP. And we’re getting cocky about the postseason.

And as a result, the haters are constantly throwing arbitrary numbers in our faces. Random stats about records in the NL East vs the rest of the league. Records against the NL Central. Records against hand picked last place teams. And as Mets fans we sit around just laughing our dicks off. Because all of those figures incorporate about 100 games where the team was literally one of the worst of all time. And so now here in this article we have the ever-reliable Elias to back it all up.

Before Cespedes and Uribe and Kelly Johnson and the call up of Conforto, this team was one of the worst ever. Now, with those guys in the mix, the resurgence of Granderson, the return of Wright, the blossoming of Flores and just about everything else clicking, they are one of the best offensive teams in the league. Nobody has ever done that. Nobody. That 95 Indians team doesnt count. So go ahead, discount like 300 years of baseball history with “You were playing the Rockies and Phillies” or some other dumb nonsense like that. Yea well theres a reason why they DEMOLISHED all those teams and are now sitting comfortably with one of the biggest leads in baseball – because they are now a well rounded, powerful offense.

And for the rest of the people that have a problem with Mets fans being a roller coast of emotions, read these numbers and shut the fuck up. Like we’re supposed to be even keeled and level headed all year long when we went from legit the worst clean up hitter in the history of baseball to one that is being dubbed possibly the best midseason acquisition ever. I called Sandy Alderson a bum for trotting John fucking Mayberry and Eric Campbell out there and now I think he’s GM of the Year after his deadline moves. Things change over the course of a baseball season and never…truly I mean never…has that been more apparent than in this case with the 2015 Mets. Its a tale of two teams, 1 ring. #LGM