So Many Stoolies Got Superbowl Tickets For 95% Off Face Value Last Year That TicketScore Wants To Give You The Chance Again


Remember last year when tons of people bought secondhand tickets only to be scammed at the gate? Remember how TicketScore sold a ton of tickets for the game and was the only company who delivered 100% of the tickets? Well I thought we put them out of business. So many Stoolies bought in early on TicketScore and got Super Bowl tix for 95% off that I thought the company folded. But turns out they’re still here and are double daring you to do it again. They dare you to buy in early and get Super Bowl tickets for cheap. Redskins tickets for $6.64 a week. How lucky am I?!

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The way it works is pretty simple- you pick your team, pay your low weekly price, and you score tickets when your team makes it to the game.

You lock in a price based on how your team is doing. So say the Skins rattle off 10 wins in a row, the cost per week skyrockets. So right now Patriots tickets are $87.50/week (still 60% savings on Super Bowl tickets) but if they lose on Sunday to the Bills, prices go down. If they win, prices go up. If you don’t like the way your team is performing you can stop paying at any time. Fun right? But of course if your team doesn’t make it to the big dance, you lose. Good day sir.

TicketScore has every team in every sport. You can lock in hockey, basketball, college football, you name it right now. Buy in, lock up your weekly price, and save huge when your team makes it to the big game. Last year I bought Caps Stanley Cup tickets for $48. Got so close. Doing it again this year. So join me, get in now, don’t regret it later.