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Somebody Put Together A Kanye 2020 Campaign Video And He Has My Vote



I’m such a sucker.  Inspirational quotes, patriotic music, quick cuts of families in the park and Kanye West.  I’m already sold.  That video pushed all the right buttons for me.  If Kanye really wants to run for president in 2020 then he has this blogger’s vote.  It’s not even that I love Kanye and his music and how much he entertains me.  Each of those things is true but it’s not that.  It’s something else.  This is what it is, I’m the person that propaganda is made for.  I’m the target audience for propaganda videos.  Without a doubt.  I’m a sucker for that shit.  Like if I had been living in Nazi Germany during that time period and saw the Hitler videos I would’ve been the type of person who was like, “Well now hold on a minute. Did you see all those people in the video?  They seemed to be into it.  And how good of a public speaker was that one guy?  Incredible.  The least I can do is hear what he has to say.” Same goes for that Kanye campaign video. They got me. I hope he actually does run in 2020 so I can vote for him.