You'll Never Believe This But The Bills Are Already Running Their Mouths



ORCHARD PARK, N.Y. One day after coach Rex Ryan said he didn’t know the name of Patriots running back Dion Lewis, Bills defensive tackle Marcell Dareus fired another salvo in advance of Sunday’s game between the AFC East rivals. “Don’t nobody likes the Patriots,” Dareus said Tuesday. “Let’s just be honest about it now. Put it out there.” Moments earlier in the locker room, safety Aaron Williams also voiced his disdain for the Patriots. “I don’t like New England, so yeah it’s definitely personal for me,” Williams said. “That’s just the way I feel. They’re a great football team. Don’t get that twisted at all. That’s why they’re the four-time NFL champs.” Williams pointed to the Patriots’ attitude as the reason for his feelings toward them. “Just the way they carry themselves on the field and stuff,” he said. “All the stuff that has happened to me in the past with some of the players has definitely gone through the roof for me. That’s a reason it’s personal for me and they’re our rival. It’s the history. So it’s not just personal. It’s the Buffalo Bills’ history.”




Well would ya look at that! Would ya just look at it! A Rex Ryan team is already getting a little too big for their britches after one win! Who woulda thunk it?


Like most people, I love this. Let the hate flow. Tell me how bad you want to win and how this is your time. Not just because it’s stuff that Belichick will drill into the team’s head and post on the bulletin board this week, but because it makes the game more interesting. By and large, Pats regular season games are a bore. You go into town, wreck shop, and come home without ever raising your blood pressure. It’s surgical and methodical and never something to get worked up about. But when Rex is relevant? When Rex is pumping these kids up with enthusiasm and dreams? It’s the best. There’s something to take from them. It’s not just a win we’re rolling into town to get, we’re going to take their pride, stomp their face into the mud and shatter their hopes. That makes it a lot more fun.



PS – Let’s pump the breaks on the rivalry. The Bills got their first win at Gillette in week 17 of the 2014 season (against backups), it opened in 2002. Tom Brady is 23-3 against the Bills. Rivalry is a bit of a stretch.