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Time For The Biggest Week Of The 2015 Chicago Cubs Season Thus Far

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Buckle up Boys and Girls. Cubs are currently 6.5 games out of first (a long shot) and 4 games out of a second place home Wild Card game (more realistic). On the slate? 4 against the Pirates starting with a doubleheader today and a 3 game series at home this weekend against the Cards. This is when the serious baseball starts. It’s fair to assume the Cubs will be in the playoffs barring a monumental collapse at the end here but this week would go a long way in not only boosting this team’s confidence but also in making the Cardinals and Pirates nervous for the stretch run. I truly believe the Cubs are the real deal and not some cute plucky story that the country will talk about for a single week in October. 3 out of 7 games get Lester or Arrieta, the Cards are STRUGGLING and the we’ve played the Pirates well this year in Pittsburgh. Now is the time, 6-1 week and things get very very interesting in the NL Central. I’m not saying that’s what is going to happen but I’m ready for it and you should be too. Meaningful baseball in September and October, we’ve been waiting since 2008 for this.





This bullpen is going to kill us all, just make sure you’re prepared.