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Best News Of the Year Maybe The Decade: Freezy Freakies Are Back From the 80's.



OH FUCK YES! I’ve literally never bought anything faster than me buying a pair of adult size Freezy Freakies. These things were the truth growing up. Revolutionized the glove game forever. Like you were an absolute nobody if you weren’t rocking these in the winter. Little Pageviews wouldn’t even give you the time of day. Just thumb my noise at you. Oh you don’t have a pair of Freezy Freakies? Well I can’t associate with you at recess. Sorry bro that’s just how it goes. Absolute elementary school social suicide not to have these.


Sidenote I think a couple kids died from licking the chemicals trying to make the gloves transform faster. Or did I make that up? It’s like that Pop Rocks and soda killing people thing. It all blends together at this point.


PS – I bought the unicorn one duh. Rule 1 of Freezy Freakies. The more flamboyant the better. Everybody knows that. Read a book 1 time.