Drunk Iowa Football Fan Photobombs Reporter With Some Sweet Leg Raises And Push Ups




Get it gurl!  The perfect encapsulation of every drunk female Iowa fan right there.  Ready to party when the lights are the brightest.  Sure maybe we don’t have the best college football team every year or ever but the girls around her love to get shit wasted and do leg raises during a live news broadcasts once the weather turns.  And they love to piss all over the floors of frozen yogurt shops.  And get their sororities suspended for rapping about getting drunk and having butt sex.  What a wonderful time of the year this is.  You forget how great this time of year is until you start seeing shit like this.  College football is great.  That’s a fact.  Partying for college football is even better.  We don’t have professional teams around here.  That’s a fact we’re made well aware of whenever we talk to anyone who’s not from here (“Who do you even root for?”). So we have to condense all of our sports boozing into one season. Gotta take advantage of the time while it’s there. I know it, yogurt pisser knows and push up lady knows it too.