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I Really, Really, REALLY Don't Like How Byron Maxwell Laughed Off Getting Smoked By Julio Jones

OK, it was kind of a defensive laugh, but c’mon man. Take a look at this stat line:

Unlike most people in Philly (I.E. every blowhard TV, radio and blogger guy who believe the sky is falling), I’m going to give Byron Maxwell the benefit of the doubt right now. The guy isn’t Nhamdi…yet. Hell, like I said before, he was never brought in to be a shut down, #1 corner like Nhamdi. The Eagles overpaid for him #1 cornerback money because that’s what the market dictated and we had to improve at that position, and I’m 100000% OK with that. What, would you rather not pay and have an automatic Matador like Bradley Fletcher out there again? Exactly.

However, the one thing that does concern me is the Falcons HC, Dan Quinn, was the Seahawks DC the past two years. He knows Maxwell inside and out…and yet still gameplanned to go right for his throat from beginning to end. Quinn wasn’t scared of his former player at ALL. And that frightens me a wee bit.

Enough with the chatter, too. Don’t talk about it, be about it. And Byron Maxwell better be about it vs. Terrence freaking Williams and Cole Beasley come Sunday or I’m bear hugging him on my voyage off the Walt Whitman.