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Man Arrested At The Kentucky State BBQ Festival When He Hit A Woman In The Face With His Brisket

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NYDN - Things got a little heated at the Kentucky State BBQ Festival when a woman was hit by flying brisket during a fight. Mary Berry, 35, was struck in the right shoulder by the red-hot meat, whose temperature was estimated to be up to 250 degrees. Berry, from Bardstown, told police she was also hit in the neck and head after a heated argument between cooks. The brisket was allegedly thrown by barbecue pit master Mike Owings, 42, after tempers flared between Owings and another pit master over the sharing of a cooker. “It caused burns to her neck, back and shoulder,” Danville Police Sgt. Jonathan Courtwright told WKYT News. Police were not able to recover the “weapon” after the incident.  Owings admitted to officers that he threw the brisket after losing his temper but “didn’t mean for anyone to get hurt,” authorities said. Owings was charged with second-degree wanton endangerment and was being held in the Boyle County jail.

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I don’t know what that woman did to make him hit her with a brisket, but what I do know is she deserved it. Because the true crime here isn’t her getting cold clocked by a brisket, the crime is wasting the perfectly delicious brisket. And the fact that he’s a pit master, a brisket aficionado, and he still flung his brisket without a care in the world is all the evidence I need- the woman was way, way in the wrong. I can’t let him off the hook either though. I understand losing your cool. We’ve all done it, lost our temper at something that probably was not that big of a deal. But when you sacrifice a beautiful bbq brisket, that’s when things have gone too far. You just gotta walk away bro. Don’t let some woman make you waste a brisket that you’ve poured your heart and soul into. Save the meat, don’t let a bitch get in your head. In the BBQ cook-off game of life, women truly are the rake.